Narac Arms Industry Co., Ltd. / บริษัท เนแรค อาร์มส อินดัสตรี จำกัด

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Our Story

Narac Arms Industry Co., Ltd. formerly known as Yone Enterprise Co., Ltd. that operated plastic mold business. After that, the company had an opportunity to participate in the research and development project of artillery shell (the size of 105 mm.) with the Weapon Production Administration Center Munition and Bomb Plant, Lopburi. At that time, General Wattan Narakam who was the chairman of the board hold the position of commander of the army’s Weapon Production Administration Center, and the mentioned weapon development project was successful resulting in the executive initiatives to operate defense industry business. Therefore, the documents were collected in order to submit to request for the permission to establish the factory for making, assembling, repairing or changing of weapon features. Furthermore, the name of the company was officially changed to “Narac Arms Industry Co., Ltd.”. The company was approved and allowed to establish the factory for making, assembling, repairing or changing of weapon features from the Ministry of Defense on 28th September B.E.2553. For this reason, the company selected the location for new weapon manufacture factory situated at 119 Moo 13, Khao Khlung, Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province. After moving to the new location, the company operated the production line started from antiaircraft artillery shell casings (the size of 37 mm., Type 74 and Type 76 followed by cartridges and bullets (the size of .45” ACP), artillery shell (the size of 105 mm.), complete shotgun ammunition (the size of 12 Gauge) and pistols of all sizes which licensed under the brand.