Sanyo S.M.I. (Thailand) Co., Ltd. / บริษัท ซันโย เอส.เอ็ม.ไอ. (ไทยแลนด์) จำกัด

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Our Story

Sanyo S. M. I. (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established on November 18, 1996 under a joint venture between a group of Thai businessmen and Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Japan. At the beginning of the company It plays a major role in the distribution and installation of industrial and commercial products under the SANYO trademark within Thailand. The main products are Refrigeration product group and kitchen utensils used in supermarkets Convenience stores and restaurants, hotels such as various types of freezers, showcases, cold rooms, ice machines, etc., for operators in Thailand. Has acquired shares of Sanyo Group. and has begun mergers and acquisitions between the two companies This resulted in global mergers and acquisitions that became official in 2012, including in Thailand as well. Therefore, Sanyo S.MI. (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has become one of the members of the Panasonic group today. which resulted in the company’s business stronger, the company can expand its business to other product lines such as air conditioning solar panel and CCTV In addition, after-sales service can be done more comprehensively.